The first question we ask ourselves when working with an athlete is what is holding them back? Each athlete that walks through the door has a specific goal or reason they are seeking treatment. For most strength, speed, and recovery are at the top of their list. Injury prevention is equally important because, let’s be honest, no matter how strong or fast we are, none of us are any good with a nagging injury.

As athletes train and compete, they can start to build restriction with in their muscles. In some cases, this restriction can be a useful tool but for most it is a cause of dysfunction and diminished performance. A life with restriction is like trying to move forward with a thousand rubber bands attached to your back. Your muscles have to work even harder causing fatigue, loss of range of motion, and possibly injury.

Our job is to decrease the amount of drag and free you up from areas of shortened tissue that could be slowing you down and decreasing performance. Through the troubleshooting and treatment, we can help an athlete be stronger, better, and faster in a shorter duration.

The idea behind all of this is optimal performance.

Every athlete will receive a customized two hour session, including assessment, to ensure we are meeting every need you may have.

Each two hour session cost $110.00

Buy five sessions and we will take 10% off the total price

Buy ten session and we will take 20% off the total price