Injury Rehabilitation


“If you treat the pain you treat the symptom. If you treat the imbalance you treat the source.”

Our main focus is function and pain management. Most massage therapists offer a symptomatic approach to pain and dysfunction. At Radco Rehab we focus on the true nature of the problem. In our twenty years of experience we have found that pain is usually the last thing to show up in our clients. Typically a series of imbalances have been in play for a long time before the pain finally shows up.

Whether you are a runner dealing with shin splints or a professional who’s been nursing a rotator cuff tear since college we are here to help you get back your body’s true potential. We see all types of injuries in our office from frozen shoulders, to back injuries to medial epicondylitis. (Try saying that ten times fast). We treat chronic injuries, new injuries and can even help you weekend warriors out there to heal from that tri-athalon you decided to crush but forgot to train for.

Clients choose us not for a quick fix but for lasting relief.  We feel it is important to educate our clients about how their daily activities and habits can contribute to their pain and discomfort. By doing this we increase self awareness and enroll them into their own therapeutic growth.