Thai Yoga


If flexibility and movement are what you are looking for then Thai Yoga is for you. Thai Yoga, also known as Thai Massage, has been practiced around the world for over 2500 years. It was invented by Jīvaka Komārabhacca, the healer of the Buddha and is still a large part of modern day Thai Medicine.

Thai yoga is practiced on the floor with a mat. Your therapist will guide your body into gentle yet challenging stretches that involve every muscle group. The goal of Thai Yoga is to allow tight tissue to soften, increasing range of motion. Deep stretching and joint mobilization feels amazing and is an essential part of musculoskeletal health.

Need a break from traditional massage? Looking to try something unique and transformative? Thai yoga focuses on flexibility, breathing and opening up the energy channels in the body. It combines the best of massage therapy and yoga to create awareness of physical blocks in the body.

Think you can never touch your toes? Give this treatment a try and wow yourself.

Thai Massage                    

60min $100  90min $130